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Secret Ingredient and RecipeWelcome to Secret Ingredient. Secret Ingredient no more!

Among other hobbies in the world, cooking is what I am always passionate about. I am happy whenever I cook for my loved ones. I am at my happiest every time they eat and liked the food I prepared for them. It is my pleasure to share with others the recipes of the food I make (usually home-cooked dishes) for my family. That is the mission of this blog.

I am not a chef but I love to cook. While it is very important to have the skills and the best ingredients, for me, passion and love is the secret ingredient in making the most scrumptious dishes. My passion for cooking plus my love for family has always been my SECRET INGREDIENT. I believe that if you are happy and in love with what you are doing, the people around you can see and relate to it and can taste it in your food.

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